Home-made Lamborghini Replica

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Home-made Lamborghini Replica

Home-made Lamborghini Replica | As you’ve seen in some of our previous posts, passionate people can create everything if they put they put their minds to it, even a home-made submarine, ahome-made rollercoaster and even a home-made Star-Wars Landspeeder replica. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone managed to build a Lamborghini Countach replica in their own garage.

Sure it took this guy 10 years to gather the right parts and finish the model, but I’m sure he doesn’t regret one second of that time. It is 100% hand-built out of aluminum over a wooden buck, with an aluminum interior with leather dashes andMomo sport seats. It has the exact size of an original Lamborghini Countach, as the builder used a real one for measurement.

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